Terms & Conditions
Price commence from $225 per person.                                     Guiding is available for a maximum of 2 people at a time.

Please contact us for further information

Experience the peace and thrill of hunting for trout in the beautiful Taranaki region.

Our guide will take you on a high quality sight fishing experience that includes spotting trout, picking the right fly and choosing the right cast to give you the best chance of hooking and hopefully landing the trout - all while enjoying the quiet of our largely untouched landscape.
The region has more than 40 small to medium sized trout streams that flow from their source on Mt Taranaki and provide excellent fishing for predominantly good sized brown trout. There are also several lakes that offer a range of angling opportunities for rainbow trout, brown trout and perch.
With angling options from a few hours to a full day, our guide will find an angling experience to suit you.
To promote the sustainable future of Taranaki's trout fisheries our guide encourages catch and release.